Since the birth of China¡¯s first film DING JUN SHAN (Conquering the Jun Mountain), Chinese cinema has undergone more than a hundred years of experimentation and innovation. Walking through the 20 exhibition halls organized by various periods, visitors are presented with a multimedia experience that helps to understand the growing process of Chinese cinema through highlighted films.

One of the major content of the museum, the first 10 halls which are located on the second and third floor, features the arts of films. It focuses on the history of Chinese cinema and the achievements of the individual filmmakers. The themes of each exhibition hall are the following:
1. The Invention of Film
2. The Birth of Chinese Film and Its Early Development
3. Chinese Film during the Revolutionary War Period

4. The Establishment and Development of Cinema in New China
5. Chinese Cinema in the New Age of Reform and Opening-up
6. Animated Film
7. Children¡¯s Film
8. Science and Education Film, Dubbed Film, News and Documentary Film
9. The Films of Hong Kong and Macao
10. The Film of Taiwan

The expo area located on the fourth floor of the museum houses ten halls with themes of as following:
11. Film Shooting
12. Film Art Directing
13. Special Cinematography
14. Conventional Film Special Effects
15. Digital Film Special Effects
16. Film Sound Recording
17. Film Editing
18. Film Processing
19. Film Animation
20. The Variety of Films

The expo area focuses on revealing the secrets of filmmaking- the technique of filmmaking and related knowledge. It illustrates all aspects of filmmaking from shooting to editing, including film art, music composing, special effects and film developing. The Visitors are presented with an enjoyable, interactive experience to make their own short films and to record audio and images. Visitors can participate and dub sound and edit film interactively to experience the interesting process of film making.