Dirty Hearts



导演: Vicente Amorim

编剧: 大卫·弗兰克·门德斯

主演: 伊原刚志、常盘贵子、菅田俊、余贵美子、奥田瑛二

类型: 剧情

制片国家/地区: 巴西

语言: 日语、葡萄牙语

上映日期: 2011-10-13(巴西)

我馆上映日期: 2012421 1400 三号影厅

片长: 107分钟


  In 1945, Japan surrendered to the United States and the Second World War was over. Right? Wrong. For eighty percent of the Japanese community in Brazil, Japan had won the war and defeat was nothing more than American propaganda. The few immigrants that accepted the truth were persecuted. Some were hunted down and assassinated - by their own countrymen - causing the start of a new, private war. Dirty Hearts is a thriller and love story told by the wife of one of the fanatics dedicated to preach Japanese victory. Little by little, she watches her husband, a hard-working immigrant, become an assassin and their love story fade away.